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The American Institute of Physics has announced that Cal State Long Beach (CSULB)’s Physics and Astronomy Department is churning out the most master’s in physics graduates than any other higher education institution in the nation.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.59.04 AMAmong 62 institutions that offer a master’s of science degree in physics, CSULB averages 12 graduates per year, with the vast majority of other institutions graduating between 1 and 6 graduates per year. Other Californian institutions making the list includes Cal State Northridge, which came in at number two with 10 graduates averaged per year, and San Francisco State at No. 5 with 7 graduates averaged per year, and San Diego State at No. 6 with 6 graduates averaged per year.

“This accolade is the result of the faculty’s dedication to student success during the last decade,” said Department Chair Chuhee Kwon in a press release. “The department faculty’s goal is to support students to achieve their dream, whether it is to go to a Ph.D. program or to have a career in industry or teaching.”

The demanding program combines core theoretical and practical skills development courses that Kwon notes is rigorous for both students and faculty alike but ultimately rewarding given both co-author papers for journals. The result: graduate students who already have resume bullet points to back up future job offers or academic pursuits.

“More than one-third of CSULB master’s graduates are accepted into Ph.D. programs while others teach at community colleges or high schools or take positions in industry or government,” Kwon said.

Go Beach.

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