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The California State University Police Department (UPD) organized an Active Shooter Training on March 27 to inform students and faculty members about different types of survival tactics, including how to get out of a workspace during a shooting.

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UPD Officer Chris Brown gave an informational presentation on how students and faculty can keep themselves and others safe. Brown advises everyone at work or at home take a few moments of extra time to engage with their surroundings, think about where the exits are and think of safe places to go when evacuating.

“When it does happen, it’s going to be shocking but you guys will be able to fall back on the things you learned today and be prepared on how to handle it,” Brown told a group of students a staff members during the classroom training.

UPD officers say they also need to train the community because they’re the first responders. Attendees were shown videos on how someone can stop an attack or shooting from continuing such as talking and calming, pepper spraying or holding the attacker down until police arrive.

If students and faculty members encounter an emergency, they can text 911 if they’re unable to call. UPD has its own 911-operation center like any other police department. Their main focus is the campus and anything a mile out from the campus.

Brown was shocked to see the low show of hands from the audience when asked who owns pepper spray. He advises everyone to get a pocket-sized pepper spray and to keep that on them especially because it’s allowed on campus. Something as simple as locking and barricading a door will give a better chance of survival. In case of an emergency, leave everything behind and just grab your phone to keep in contact with loved ones and the police, Brown said.

Other UPD Officers advised anyone during an active shooting to not hold anything in their hands when police arrive, even if it’s a cell phone.

“Our first goal when we get there is not to help you. It’s to stop the bad person,” said Brown.

Attendees were also shown the RUN.HIDE.FIGHT video that may help anyone during an active shooter event. The video can be accessed here.

Brown explains that a majority of victims die from blood loss. Once an individual goes through RUN.HIDE.FIGHT and feels safe, they may help others by going through Stop the Bleed, which is applying pressure to a wounded area and creating a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

These types of trainings are not new to CSULB, however a deadly shooting at a Florida high school in February has put many on high alert and resulted in a change of policies and procedures at some schools.

Brown said the university is in the process of purchasing upgraded locking systems and mechanisms in several areas on campus. They’re taking active steps to secure facilities that might not already be secured.

Brown explained that students, departments and clubs on campus can request to attend a one-hour training with two-weeks notice. The trainings can be customized by the content, which include an informational presentation, barricading demos and survival/response tactics. Officers will also give tips on how to get out of your workspace if a shooting were to occur..

To request an Active Shooter Training or to get more information, visit the link here.

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