Long Beach High School Students Win in C-SPAN’S Video Documentary Competition • Long Beach Post

Featured photo: screenshot from the documentary “Online Paradox”, about freedom of speech and press. 

C-SPAN announced last week that students from Polytechnic High School were winners in this year’s national StudentCam competition.

The nationwide event invites middle school and high school students to create short documentaries discussing a subject of national importance. C-SPAN received a record of over 2,900 video submissions from over 5,700 students.

This year, students addressed the theme, “The Constitution & You.” They were tasked with choosing a provision of the U.S. Constitution to create a video explaining why it is important to them. Students worked individually or in teams to address public policy issues.

Multiple Poly High students received honorable mentions and will receive $250 for their winning documentaries.

“With so much national debate about government power and personal freedoms, we were eager to hear students’ perspectives on what the Constitution means to them,” stated C-SPAN’s spokesperson Craig McAndrew.

Student Audrey Moor won for her video, “The 17th: A Forgotten Amendment.” Angelica Gonzalez and Karen Ferrer won for their video, “Online Paradox,” about freedom of speech and press. Alli Cain, Jane Acuff and Monica Grubbs won for their video, “Power to Protect,” about the Commerce Clause.

These winners are among more than 300 students across the country winning a total of $100,000, including winners for a grand prize and first, second and third prizes along with honorable mentions.

The 150 winning videos may be viewed here.

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