Cultural performances, awards and testimonials are planned for the Filipino Migrant Center’s virtual gala and fundraiser celebrating 10 years of service this Saturday.

The virtual gala dubbed “Bayanihan: 10 Years of Justice, Struggle, and Solidarity” invites anyone from the public to purchase online tickets from a sliding scale ranging between $35 to $75 to attend the event; discounted tickets for $25 are offered to lower income individuals. All funds raised will be reinvested into the center.

The nonprofit noted that “Bayanihan” refers to the spirit of the community uniting and working together to accomplish a common goal, and they will set the stage to acknowledge a decade’s worth of achievements for the Filipino community in Long Beach and Southern California.

Some of these include assisting over 50 human labor trafficking survivors escape abuse and unsafe working conditions, engaging hundreds of Filipino high school and college students in social justice education, and partnering with a local restaurant to serve hot meals to food-insecure Filipino families.

Of the performances, the gala will feature a guitarist playing a classical Filipino song and a surprise staff act. The gala will run from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Online tickets, sponsorships, and program advertisements can all be purchased here.

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