Dave Hamilton, a D-Day Veteran with D-Day Doll C-53. Courtesy photo.

A squadron of World War II-era warbirds will fly over Southern California on Memorial Day in “Operation SoCal Strong” to salute veterans and healthcare workers.

The flight, organized by the D-Day Squadron, will start at noon over Loma Linda Medical Center and end at Chino Airport. The 90-minute flyover will reach the Long Beach VA Hospital and the Queen Mary by about 12:30 p.m., according to the flight plan.

Monday’s flyover will be led by a C-53 called “D-Day Doll,” which is part of the Commemorative Air Force’s Inland Empire Wing. It will be leading C-47 “Flabob Express,” C-47 “Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber,” C-53 “Spirit of Benovia” and C-47 “What’s Up Doc.” There will likely be other World War II-era aircraft in the formation.

“Our mission flying WWII aircraft over parts of Southern California for Memorial Day is to salute our veterans who sacrificed so much for the freedoms that we enjoy today. In addition, we will acknowledge the many medical personnel, first responders, and citizens who have provided unwavering support in caring for the local populace during this pandemic,” said Steve Rose, IEW wing leader, and pilot of D-Day Doll.

The D-Day Doll plans to bring on board veterans from WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Rose added they hope to remind Southern Californians to “remain vigilant” during the pandemic.

IEW Operations Manager Bill Prosser told ABC-7 that the planes would be flying “low, slow and loud” with smoke trails across Southern California.

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