The massive rainbow flag that has served as an icon for Long Beach’s annual Pride Parade was taken into the Historical Society of Long Beach’s LGBT History Project in order to be preserved last year—and that means the AIDS Food Store must purchase a new one.

The new flag, which will used by the nonprofit on May 18 this year to gather donations from Pride goers as is tradition, will measure 30×70 feet (slightly smaller than the former one used which measured 30×80 feet). It will consist of 350 squares that will make up each of the rainbow’s colors.

Those squares are now being used in a “Raise the Flag” campaign that the AIDS Food Store is beginning in order raise funds. Supporters are being asked to purchase a square for $10 or the complete spectrum for $50; the hope is to eventually raise $5K. The monies raised will be used to not only fund the flag but continue the nonprofits mission of providing support for those within or attached to the HIV/AIDS community.

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