Long Beach City Manager Names John Keisler Director of Economic and Property Development • Long Beach Post

Long Beach city officials today named iTeam Director John Keisler the city’s director of economic and property development, a role that involves working closely with businesses and helping increase economic activities, while supporting the city’s neighborhoods.

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Keisler, who began his career with the city in 2005 as a management assistant, has served as the city’s Innovation Team (iTeam) director since 2005, helping launch BizPort, the city’s business portal website, to make it easier for businesses and investors to quickly start and grow a business, city officials said in a statement. He previously worked as chief financial officer for the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD), business operations manager for the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine, and manager of Animal Care Services.

Keisler was also named Long Beach Post’s 40 Under 40 winner in September.


“Mr. Keisler is a proven, dynamic and innovative leader who will help improve Long Beach’s economic vitality,” said City Manager Patrick H. West in a statement. “He will be a great addition to our City Management Team.”

Keisler will be replacing Michael Conway who retired in August. Kathryn McDermott has been serving as interim director of economic and property development.

“I’m dedicated to helping Long Beach grow in terms of jobs, business relocation and expansion, and overall economic activity while at the same time strengthening the unique character of our many wonderful neighborhoods,” Keisler said in a statement.

Keisler holds a Master of Public Administration from USC and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religion from St. Olaf College in Minnesota.

Officials also announced the appointment of Sergio Ramirez to deputy director of economic and property development, who will report to Keisler.

Ramirez currently works as a senior project manager with the Community and Economic Development Department in the City of Anaheim where he is responsible for all aspects of development for high-profile development projects—including residential, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use projects.

Ramirez holds a Master of Public Administration from Cal State Los Angeles and a bachelor’s degree in urban and regional planning from Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Keisler will begin his position in about one month while Ramirez is expected to start by the end of the year.

Stephanie Rivera covers immigration and the north, west and central parts of Long Beach. Reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter at @StephRivera88.

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