The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) has released the name of the officer who fatally shot 20-year-old Woodland Hills resident Feras Morad on May 27, in response to a Public Records Act request filed by the Post.

feras moradOfficer Matthew Hernandez—a 12-year veteran with the LBPD with no prior officer-involved shooting incidents—fatally shot Morad, who police said threatened to attack Hernandez in an alley while having a violent reaction to hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Family and friends have disputed this account, stating instead that he was walking aimlessly with his hands in the air and in need of immediate medical attention after jumping through a second-story window on the 4600 block of East 15th Street that Friday night.

LBPD officials released the 911 calls connected to the incident on Wednesday, June 3.

During the 911 call to fire dispatchers, a woman can be heard describing an intoxicated and bloody neighbor in his 20s, walking around the alley after falling from a second-story window.

She also described Morad as “kind of irate” and requested the presence of police officers.

“I think he is a little violent… I think we need police too,” the unidentified neighbor said.

In the fire dispatcher’s call to the LBPD, the dispatcher relates the neighbor’s description of Morad as drunk, violent and bleeding heavily. The male police dispatcher then asked if there are any weapons, to which the fire dispatcher replied that there were not.

A vigil was held for the Cal State Long Beach-bound, nationally-ranked debater last Wednesday, June 3, in Woodland Hills, followed by a protest against police brutality in Long Beach the next day.

Family and friends of Morad are calling for the indictment of Hernandez.

Above, left: file photo.

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