Health officials reported for the first time on Friday that a person in his 20s has died of COVID-19 in Long Beach.

He is the youngest Long Beach resident whose death has been linked to the coronavirus. Most reported deaths in the city have been patients over the age of 70. This new fatality comes after doctors and health officials warned they were seeing higher numbers of young people being hospitalized for the disease.

The man in his 20s was the only new death Long Beach officials reported Friday, bringing the city’s total to 158. Like everyone else who’s died of COVID-19 in Long Beach, he had underlying health conditions, authorities said.

But being young and healthy does not offer complete protection against the coronavirus, experts have warned.

For instance, Dr. Donna Varela, director of the Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary Medical Center, told the Post last week that she had recently seen a 20-something patient with COVID-19 in full cardiac arrest. The patient, whom doctors were able to revive, had no previous medical problems, she said.

Long Beach officials do not release much information about those who have died of COVID-19 other than age and gender. He was not associated with a long-term care facility, where the vast majority of Long Beach’s deaths have occurred, according to the data provided.

Officials report two people in their 40s, nine people in their 50s, 34 people in their 60s, 35 people in their 70s, 53 people in their 80s and 24 people over the age of 90 have all died from COVID-19 in Long Beach. Of those who have died, 118 are associated with long-term care facilities.

A total of 6,334 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported as of Friday, which means there were 946 new cases reported since Sunday.

Officials also reported 105 Long Beach residents are hospitalized from COVID-19, up from the 98 reported on Thursday.

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