A Metro train that runs from Downtown Long Beach north to Pasadena is newly dressed up in bright artwork thanks to an advertising campaign by the Taiwanese Tourism Administration.

The train’s new elaborate designs — showcasing the food, culture and landmarks of Taiwan — are the work of artist Hong Yi, who appeared via video conference from East Asia Monday at the launch of the new campaign hosted by Intertrend Communications in Downtown Long Beach.

The art was inspired by some of Taiwan’s best-known attractions, such as its Dragon Boat Festival and temples, and food, including Boba tea and tropical fruits, Yi said through a translator.

His work will appear for roughly six months on the Metro A Line and the Metro E Line, which runs from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica.

Two LA Metro lines will be decked in artwork showcasing Taiwan for the next six months. Photo courtesy of Intertrend Communications.

Lan-Chi Lam, director of communications for Metro, said at the event that ridership is up significantly since the pandemic.

Numbers released by the massive transit agency in February show an 11.6% rise in total boardings in 2023 over the previous year.

Ridership on buses and trains, however, is still significantly down from 2019, before the pandemic. That year, Metro saw 370 million boardings, compared to the 285 million boardings last year.

The transit agency has invested heavily in recent years in aesthetic and safety improvements on its buses and trains, budgeting $290 million for public safety in 2024 alone.

Officials behind the new artwork hope that it not only enhances the look of the trains but that it will inspire Angelenos to visit Taiwan. The murals are intended to give just a “sneak peek” of what Taiwan has to offer, Vivian Lin, director of the Taiwan Tourism Administration, said.