If you have a parking pass for one of the alternative off-street parking lots, it is now good until early September—unless it’s a school lot.

City officials extended the parking relief program again after rising COVID-19 cases pushed the governor to order new shut-downs.

Permits for the school lots will expire on Aug. 15, but permits for all other lots will now expire Sept. 7, a spokeswoman for public works said.

The city implemented the program in March to give residents places to park their cars in the areas most impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns. It was originally set to end in May, but has been extended each month.

“We are continuing to look at everything we can do to help ease the inconveniences of our residents during this public health emergency,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a press release in late June. “We hope that providing extended parking measures will help provide some relief.”

The courtesy parking time for on-street parking meters also allow for 15 minutes of free parking for those picking up food from restaurants. To use the free 15 minutes, press the green button on the parking meter.

For a full list of the lots available, click here.

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