molina park 1
The C. David Molina Park while it was under construction in September 2017. File photo.

A new 3.3-acre park in North Long Beach on the corner of Del Amo Boulevard and Oregon Avenue will open with a celebration on Tuesday morning.

The park, named after late C. David Molina, has a synthetic turf sports field, playground, fitness stations, a walking path, picnic tables, restrooms and parking.

It was built as part a deal with the developers of the Riverdale residential tract on land acquired 10 years ago by the former Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, according to a release.

The opening of the park will be “transformational for the neighborhood,” Councilman Al Austin said in a written statement.

The park is named after C. David Molina, who in 1962 started the city’s first intensive care unit at Pacific Hospital and was the Emergency Department Director for 21 years, according to the release. He is also credited with developing the city’s paramedic program.

He opened a clinic for low-income families in 1980 and founded Molina Medical Centers headquartered in Long Beach, and later, Molina Healthcare, an insurance company that is the city’s only Fortune 500 company.

Molina died in 1996 at the age of 70.

“Dr. Molina showed compassion to people who needed it the most,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “He cared for patients like they were family, and I’m proud that this park will add to his legacy as a champion of the community.”

The public is invited to attend a grand opening celebration for the park at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, 4951 Oregon Avenue.

Editor’s Note: C. David Molina is the father of John Molina, a major investor in Pacific 6, the parent company of the Long Beach Post. 

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