If diversity is the spice of life, Ketty Citterio has led a flavorful one. Citterio, the daughter of an Olympian, followed in her father’s athletic footsteps and played professional basketball in her home country of Italy.

After studying foreign languages, Citterio traveled the world in the tourism industry before making her way to California. When she arrived in the United States 29 years ago, she worked as a linguist, translating English movies into Italian.

Who’s running. What’s at stake.

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Eventually, Citterio longed for a community like the one her parents and five siblings helped her grow to love. She and her wife made their way to Long Beach, where Citterio joined Friends of Bixby Park and began working to help the unhoused in the park and make it safer for neighbors.

On this episode of “The Word with Jackie Rae” podcast, Citterio explains how the city’s lacking response to the community’s needs prompted her to run for Long Beach City Council District 2. To learn more about Citterio, you can visit her website.