Election Day is Nov. 3.

Check back soon for results and post-election coverage.

11:27PM | With 7 of 28 precincts reporting, Stacy Mungo maintains her lead in the race for the Long Beach City Council District 5 seat, with 55.88% of the vote to Rich Dines’ 44.12%.

Meanwhile in District 7, with 6 of 30 precincts reporting, incumbent Roberto Uranga leads challenger Jared Milrad by 116 votes, at 54.28% to 45.72%.

In the race for the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education, District 3 seat, with 5 of 41 precincts reporting, Juan M. Benitez leads with 63.72% of the vote to Cesar A. Armendariz’ 36.28%.

With 105 of 221 precincts counted, the yes vote for Measure M continues to lead at 55.26%.

In Los Angeles county, Gavin Newsom leads the race for Governor of California at 30.46%, followed by Antonio Villaraigosa at 21.33% and John H. Cox at 21.02%.

However statewide, with about 46% of precincts reporting, Newsom leads with 34.0% of the vote, with Cox second at 26.0% and Villaraigosa trailing at 11.7%. Villaraigosa conceded earlier tonight, asking supporters to get behind Newsom.

Statewide, Diane Feinstein leads the Senate race with 43% of the vote, with Kevin De Leon coming in at 11.2%. In Los Angeles county, Feinstein leads De Leon 46.48% to 14.95%.

Ricardo Lara, who currently represents Long Beach in the State Senate, leads the race for state Insurance Commissioner with 51.54% of the vote.

Incumbent Congressman Alan Lowenthal leads the race to keep his seat representing Long Beach in the 47th District with 65.36% of the vote.

8:55PM | With early results rolling in, Stacy Mungo leads Rich Dines 56.41% to 43.59% in the race for the District 5 City Council race.

In the race for the District 7 seat, Roberto Uranga leads Jared Milrad 51.30% to 48.70%.

Juan M. Benitez leads 62.32% to 37.68% against Cesar A. Armendariz in the race for the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education, District 3 seat.

Yes votes for Measure M, which allows the city to “amend its Charter to authorize annual fund transfers from the City’s water, sewer and gas utilities to the General Fund not to exceed 12% of utility gross revenues,” are leading at 58.98%.

On the state level, Gavin Newsom (D) is leading in Los Angeles county with 32.09% of the vote, with John H. Cox (R) trailing at 20.95%, and Antonio Villaraigosa (D) at 17.90%. Diane Feinstein (D), currently leading in Los Angeles county with 47.63% of the vote, will move on to the November ballot. Kevin De Leon (D) trails at 12.89%, and James P. Bradley (R) at 7.87%.

8:10PM | The polls are now closed statewide but Long Beach voters may need to wait a while until they can see the live results pour in online as the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk is experiencing technical difficulties.

A link which displays live updates as ballots are counted failed to show local races including Long Beach’s Seventh and Fifth District council races and a Long Beach Unified School District board member race.

This comes after county officials announced this afternoon that nearly 120,000 county voters’ names were omitted from rosters at several polling places in Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, resulting in voters needing to vote provisionally, and some voters being erroneously turned away. What impact this will have on the vote counting process, if it will trigger a recount, or what other issues may surface is not yet known.

Over 100,000 Voters Forced to Cast Ballots Provisionally Due to County Printing Error