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1:00AM | With all precincts reporting, Vice Mayor Robert Garcia has officially become the next Mayor of Long Beach after receiving 52.1% of the vote during Tuesday’s election. That percentage amounts to 23,296 votes.

His opponent, Damon Dunn, received 47.9%, or 21,398 votes.

12:15AM | Garcia continues to crawl ahead in the mayoral race as 183 of 278 precincts are now reporting that he holds 51.6% of the vote, or 19,060 votes. Dunn has slipped to 48.4% with 17,866 votes.

11:20PM | Slowly, Garcia has inched ahead with each new round of precinct reporting. The latest round, with 134 of 278 precincts reporting, shows Garcia at 51.5% or 16,131 votes. Dunn falls to 48.5% with 15,163 votes.

When asked what he would do should he win, Dunn said, “Ask me that when I’m successful. If I’m successful, I’ll give those comments; until then, I don’t want to prematurely give comments on something I haven’t achieved. Robert deserves more than that.”

10:30PM | With 63 precincts reporting, Garcia maintains his small lead (but steady growth ahead of Dunn) with 50.9% or 12,925 votes. Meanwhile, Dunn sits at 49.1% or 12,465 votes.

9:30PM | More vote-by-mail ballots have been counted: Garcia continues to barely lead with 11,249 votes (50.7%). Dunn sits behind with 10,924 votes (49.3%).

8:45PM | With 13 of 278 precincts (the vote-by-mail) reporting, Robert Garcia barely leads over Damon Dunn. Garcia sits at 50.4%, or 7,270 votes while Dunn sits at 49.6%, or 7,153 votes.

8:00PM | The polls have officially closed. Over the next several hours, we will be updating you with live preliminary results as they are released for both the election in Long Beach and the primary election across the state until the final results are tallied.

Following the April primary, the two youngest candidates vying for mayor—real estate investor and fairly new Long Beacher Damon Dunn and seasoned political veteran Vice Mayor Robert Garcia—clambered to the top to face off today.

Continue to visit this page for live results and updates as they become available. If you are on Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag #LBVotes to let the world hear you. If you are cheering on a specific candidate, don’t be afraid to express your loyalty with #TeamDunn or #TeamGarcia.