The county’s largest bicycle advocacy organization, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, is searching for a new executive director and the last call for applications is today. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.59.26 AMFollowing, in the words of bicycling advocate and writer Damien Newton, the “wildly successful” 7-year tenure of Jennifer Klausner, the LACBC is “in good shape, with a solid fundraising base and chapters throughout the county. The staff is filled with advocacy all-stars. The calendar is filled with LACBC rides, workshops, parties and other events.”

For lack of a better description, it’s an overall enticing proposition and it would be befitting for Long Beach to become more regionally involved rather than letting the spot go to another Angeleno. 

Even more, despite the fact that Long Beach Transit Boardmember April Economides sits on the LACBC board as well, Long Beach sadly doesn’t have an LACBC chapter.

To read the full application, click here. The clock is ticking.