Shaun Lumachi, Co-Founder and Publisher of the Long Beach Post, Dead at 33 • Long Beach Post

How are we supposed to cover this? But at the same time, how can we not?

Shaun Lumachi, our publisher, leader, our little engine always looking for little way we could, was killed today in a car crash in Florida. He was 33. He is survived not only by his wife Dezire and other family, but by the Long Beach community he so dearly loved.

This terrible news has just come to us, and so we have few details and are only beginning to process this great and shocking loss. But several of us feel compelled here to share a few preliminary words.

Shaun was…It seems unbelievable to use the past tense with Shaun, because he embodied a kind of quiet but unflagging energy that seemed a permanent fixture of this city, this world. But life is impermanent, and Shaun was alive, to be sure.

Shaun was alive to his chosen community, Long Beach. The Long Beach Post came into existence because Shaun loved this community enough to want to contribute to the general conversation about what happens here, with the ultimate goal of raising life in Long Beach to another level.

Shaun was open-minded regarding the ways in which that conversation could be held, which is one of the big reasons the Long Beach Post has made unique contributions to that conversation.

There is much more to be said — and that will be said — about Shaun, but for now I just want to say how truly sad I am, for myself and for all of us, truly said that we have lost a true individual who kept his community at heart.

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