Long Beach police said Saturday night that they knew about social media posts warning of potential violence at the Long Beach Pride festival this weekend, but they said the threat was not credible.

Authorities said an original message was posted May 4 and reposted 200 to 300 times after that on multiple social media platforms.

“The post was immediately investigated and the threats were deemed NOT credible,” authorities stated.


Police normally prepare for special events months in advance “to create a plan to ensure public safety”, and officials said additional police officers will be present in and around the Pride festivities this weekend.

On social media, users were passing around screenshots of a convoluted post (below) referencing Long Beach Pride and warning “big booms were expected.”

A post made on 4Chan or a similar online message board appears to touch on some favorite topics of online conspiracy theorists like “false flag” attacks, the “Deep State” and QAnon.

Police remind the public to report suspicious activity by calling (562) 435-6711 or 9-1-1 in case of emergencies.

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