Since some in-person activities resumed on Aug. 21, students and staff of five different programs led by the Long Beach Unified School District have been asked to quarantine after potential exposure to coronavirus.

The most recent case of potential exposure occurred at Jordan High School, where participants of the school’s basketball program were asked to quarantine until Oct. 9 to prevent further spread of the virus, according to a district official.

Children attending the Head Start program at Edison Elementary School in Willmore City were also asked to quarantine this week after a possible exposure to coronavirus the prior week. According to a letter sent to parents, the campus will be closed for 14 days.

“Today, we became aware of a positive case of COVID-19 from a person within the school. We are writing to inform you that your child may have been exposed,” the letter, which was sent out on September 24, read.

“The recommended temporary site closure is in an abundance of caution and we ask you to closely monitor your child’s health for symptoms of illness,” the letter continued.

The exposure occurred a week after a class of Kids Club students at Bixby Elementary School had been potentially exposed and asked to quarantine.

A quarantine imposed on children at Garfield Child Development Center had just ended a week before, according to LBUSD spokesman Chris Eftychiou. Children enrolled in programs at Webster Child Development Center are currently under quarantine, he said.

Regular classes at LBUSD schools are still being taught virtually. Some limited in-person childcare and sports activities have been allowed to resume.