The Brass Lamp Set to Become Long Beach’s First Book Bar

Samantha Argosino has felt this pang continually when, often finding herself wide awake at 11 while working or reading, wanting to be out—and working or reading. Not necessarily socialize but be around others, to be inspired, to people watch. This is precisely why she is creating the Brass Lamp, what will soon become Long Beach’s first book bar.

Long Beach Author Details Incest, Abuse in Autobiography

For Jeff Slayton, dancing was an escape. As he moved about the stage, he could forget how his father had touched him the night before. He could forget the feeling of his mother’s cold hand slapping him across the face. He could forget about his homosexuality not being accepted and the girlfriend he used as a cover-up. He could forget about everything. Slayton, a Long Beach resident and retired Cal State Long Beach dance professor, documents his life struggles in his powerful autobiography, Dancing Toward Sanity, which was released earlier this year.