Put the “Gay” Back in Pride

LGBTQ organizations and events have historically excluded “gay” or “lesbian” in their titles. Good reasons once, but they’ve now overrun their usefulness — the names no longer reflect the stature and progress made in the LGBTQ community.

OP-ED: Teachers Unions Don’t Represent All Teachers

I strongly believe that all employees in either the public or private sectors should be able to bargain collectively for the best wages and working conditions they can receive from their employers. That assumes, however, employees are joining unions and paying union dues on a truly voluntary basis and have the ready ability to avoid paying that percentage of dues that supports the union’s political activities should they choose to do so.

OP-ED: Voter I.D.’s Can Improve Government

Much has been written and spoken about the idea that we should require those who are authorized to vote to present a valid form of government identification in order to do so. I tend to see both the up- and downsides of the issue and I think we should be able to address the valid concerns of Voter I.D. opponents and still accomplish the requirement of a valid government I.D. in order to vote.

OP-ED: The Case for Mail-Only Balloting in Long Beach

Apparently the $15M of your tax dollars will only cover design of the new touch-screen system, not purchase or install any of the new machines themselves. A great government contract if you can get it. Particularly when, as the article also mentions, your company doesn’t have to compete for the contract.