Lowenthal at Town Hall: If You Want to Affect Change “2018 Is Right Around the Corner”

There were several moments Monday night where Congressman Alan Lowenthal heeded to the raucous crowd that packed an auditorium on the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College. Instead of battling through the noise, Lowenthal patiently waited, microphone in hand, for the roar to subside to finish his points during his first large-scale town hall event, one that drew nearly 900 people.

Long Beach Representatives Join Congressional Democrats in Sit-In For Gun Reform Votes

Members of the House of Representatives, including representatives Janice Hahn and Alan Lowenthal, staged a sit-in this morning on the House floor, demanding that Speaker Paul Ryan allow a vote on a bill that could possibly allow for the blockage of gun sales to people on the national no-fly list, and for expanded background checks. The sit-in, which started at approximately 8:30 AM PDT, had dozens of lawmakers seated on the floor in protest over the inaction of congress.