In California, 10% of Legislature now identifies as LGBTQ

While LGBTQ candidates and their supporters celebrated several milestone victories around the nation in this year’s midterm elections, California quietly reached its own: At least 10% of its state lawmakers identify publicly as LGBTQ, believed to be a first for any U.S. legislature.

QFilms Festival returns to Long Beach for 29th year of celebrating LGBTQ film

“I can confidently say that it’s about visibility and being included, so that we are not just living in the shadows, that we are creative, that we experience trauma like other people experience trauma, but that we also experience joy, and that we have many things to celebrate about ourselves and are proud of our communities,” said the executive director of the LGBTQ Center.

Will California become a refuge for transgender health care?

Lawmakers are nearing final approval of a bill to protect those receiving or providing transgender health care in California from prosecution under a wave of legislation in other states. But the proposal has drawn intense opposition from the California Family Council.