Return to Old Staffing Model Brings Back Gaps in Paramedic Coverage for Long Beach Fire Department

Just days after the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) returned its emergency medical response units to its old configuration, given the discontinuance of the controversial Rapid Medic Deployment (RMD) Program, the conversation turned to the new hole in paramedic coverage in the city. The discussion centered on how such a gap could be patched to improve service city wide.

Long Beach City Council To Consider Using Budget Surplus, Reserves to Fund Courthouse Demolition

Facing the perplexing issue of where it will find the money necessary for the demolition of the old county courthouse, City Director of Financial Management John Gross proposed Tuesday that the city council approve a “down payment” from the 2015 budget surplus to get the project moving, with the potential to borrow the remainder from the city’s reserves.