Lack of Oversight, Cable Failure Blamed for Summer Power Outages in SoCal Edison Report

The root cause of a series of power outages which plunged various Long Beach neighborhoods into darkness, sometimes for days on end, over the summer appears to be a lack of oversight, a network operating outside of its “optimal design state,” and the failure of a spliced cable, according to a report released today by Southern California Edison (SCE) and Davies Consulting Group.

Approximately 21,000 People Affected by Early Saturday Morning Power Outage at Ximeno and PCH, Due to Underground Cable Failure

Around 21,000 Southern California Edison (SCE) customers were affected by an early Saturday morning power outage at its peak, due to an underground cable failure at Ximeno and PCH in Long Beach, according to SCE officials. Power was restored to all customers around 4:00AM Saturday. In an unrelated incident, 779 people remained without power in the Willmore City area Saturday morning after Friday’s overhead power line issues in that area.