Long Beach City Council to Discuss Support of Statewide Initiative that Could Roll Back Criminal Justice Reforms

Council women Suzie Price and Stacy Mungo will introduce the motion at Tuesday night’s city council meeting where they will ask their colleagues to support the Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018. The ballot initiative takes aim at legislation like Proposition 47, Assembly Bill 109 and other laws that local law enforcement have blamed for rising rates of crimes in recent years.

Studies Suggest Legislation Not to Blame for Rising Crime Rates

A report delivered by senior members of the Long Beach Police Department during Tuesday night’s city council meeting sought to provide answers as to why there’s been a swell in violent and property crime during the first quarter of this year. While the report didn’t name a definitive catalyst, it did advance a narrative that has been pushed by police departments across the state: legislative changes are behind the recent spike.