Someone smashed through a window at The Social List on Fourth Street early Friday morning, but the person fled before taking anything of value, according to the owner.

The incident is the latest in a string of break-ins over the last two weeks that have left Long Beach businesses, especially restaurants, on high alert.

Owner Luis Navarro said the break-in happened sometime around 6 a.m. and was captured on security camera footage.

The suspect was outside the business for roughly seven minutes before smashing a window and crawling inside, Navarro said.

A broken window at The Social List that someone allegedly smashed in order to crawl inside. Photo by Fernando Haro.

Once inside, it appeared the suspect was looking for cash inside the registers, but he fled after a few minutes of not finding it, Navarro said.

“We’ve been very adamant about not storing any cash in the stores,” said Navarro.

Security footage shared with the Post by Navarro shows the person, wearing a dark hoodie and jacket, walking behind the bar while wielding a flashlight.

Although the person didn’t take anything of value, the situation was still “defeating” to Navarro, who said this is the third time The Social List has been broken into over the last year. His other restaurant across the street, Lola’s, was also broken into last September.

What was most surprising to Navarro, however, was the time his business was broken into.

“This guy has the gut to break in at 6 am. when the world is already operating,” Navarro said “To me, that’s new behavior. It just shows how comfortable these thieves are right now.”

Across the city, property crime accounted for nearly 84% of all reported crime last year, according to Long Beach Police Department data. Property crime rose 7.6% last year compared to 2021, with 13,895 reports filed—an average of 38 reports per day.

Meanwhile, commercial burglaries, with 941 reports, were up 26.3% compared to 2021, data shows.

“This last year was the toughest with the inflation, cost of goods, and every dollar counts, and then you’ve got this type of stuff happening,” Navarro said. “It really just kind of punches you in the gut.”

Despite the break-in, The Social List will open at its usual time at 11:30 a.m., Navarro said.

Long Beach restaurants on high alert following recent string of break-ins