A weakening tropical storm off the coast of Baja California today was forecast to produce high surf for south facing beaches in Los Angeles County beginning this weekend.

Tropical Storm Ivo was predicted to bring a southeast swell beginning Sunday and lasting through Tuesday with strong surges around and inside harbors of Avalon, San Pedro and Long Beach, the NWS said in a statement.

Peak surf height of between 3 and 6 feet was expected at south facing Los Angeles County beaches beginning early Sunday through early Monday, the statement said. The high surf could bring dangerous rip currents and the risk of coastal flooding around high tides, as well as the potential for flooding in low-lying roads, parking lots and walkways, the NWS said.

The most vulnerable areas are the Long Beach Peninsula and Avalon Pebbly Beach.

Tropical Storm Ivo was expected to weaken as it moved in a northwest direction and over cooler waters and was not expected to pose any threat to land, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said late Friday night.