Acres of Books agreed to sell its property to the city of Long Beach and has until sometime around May 2009 to vacate, but apparently nobody told best-selling science fiction author Ray Bradbury until recently.  The 87-year-old who penned such classics as The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 called a press conference at Acres yesterday to talk about his deep love for the store, how it influenced his writing and why it should be saved.

Watch the video below for some great stories about Acres of Books, words of writing wisdom and a plea to save his favorite store.

“If they’re gonna build a mall,” he said, “They should build it around [the store].  It should be a shrine!  And I’ll come and bless the god**** thing.”

Bradbury also promised to do his best to lobby for Acres.  “Do you want me to call the mayor again?” he asked, issuing an invitation to Mayor Foster to discuss the future of the store and “Wrap his arms around ten million god**** books.”  Bradbury is no stranger to this tactic, as he claims to have used it over a decade ago to save the store for the first time.

Despite the impassioned plea, Bradbury is a little too late, and not even he can stop a bulldozer.  Facing seizure by eminent domain, Acres agreed to sell their property to the city and must vacate by next May.  The land is part of a block on Third Street and Long Beach Blvd. that is marked for redevelopment.  Owners are currently searching for a place to relocate, but have had no luck thus far.