In 2019 the Post expanded its video coverage, with a look at homelessness, local artists, a candy warehouse in Signal Hill, a pastor who turned his life around, and more.

Here are the 10 best videos from 2019.


Our “In the Studio” series featured several prominent artists in Long Beach. In this video on March 22, we took a look at the work of printmaker Abel Alejandre. Video by Mark Hill.

We told the touching story of Jerry Pryor, 73, a local homeless man who cleans up as he moves along the streets in Lakewood Village. The story and video—both by Stephen Carr—were published on March 9.

As part of the Post’s Haunted Long Beach series, we took a look at the scary tales behind the former Station 12, where the ghost of a long-departed firefighter still roams the halls. The video by Thomas R. Cordova published on Oct. 31.

We took a stroll through the Candy Warehouse in Signal Hill (it’s a tough job!), interviewing the owners and taking a spin through the dizzying aisles of sugary goodness. The video is by Thomas R. Cordova, and published on Oct. 22.

In December Long Beach officials bestowed the keys to the city to Jewels, the first drag queen to ever receive that honor. The video by Thomas R. Cordova published on Dec. 16.

As part of our video series “Transitions,” we profiled Pastor Brian Warth, who grew up in gangs, served time in prison, and has spent his time in ministry using his experience to help others. The video by Thomas R. Cordova published on Sept. 18.

In this installment of “Transitions,” we interview Senay Kenfe, a Long Beach artist. The video by Thomas R. Cordova published on June 28.

In this profile, we interview Carole Frances Lung, who spent 15 years working in the garment industry and another 10-plus years combating the human cost of it. The video by Asia Morris published on May 12.

We take a look at female sumo wrestlers in this video by Thomas R. Cordova ahead of a large tournament that takes place in Long Beach. The video published on March 12.

Stephen Carr did a moving followup to his initial story about Jerry Pryor, the homeless man in Lakewood Village. The second video published on Nov. 26.