A file photo of Wilson High School.

The Long Beach Unified School District said it’s placed a Wilson High School teacher on leave while it investigates accusations that he made comments about wanting to shoot multiple students.

The accusations became public Wednesday because of a post on the Instagram account for Mariscos El Garage, a popular food truck in Long Beach. The owner of the account, Elsa Barragan, said the teacher made the comments during her nephew’s class on Nov. 2.

She said students were working in groups of two on a project when their teacher, identified in the post as “Mr. Hamilton,” approached one of the groups and said: “This school is lucky they don’t let me bring my 9mm glock, or else I would have shot four students already,” according to the Instagram post.

Mr. Hamilton then allegedly pointed at a student’s forehead and said “I would shoot them right here,” according to the post.

“Teachers are key in keeping our children safe while encouraging peace of mind,” Barragan wrote. “Mr. Hamilton is doing the opposite of reassuring the peace of mind of his students with his disturbing comment.”

The school district said it was made aware of the accusations on Nov. 7 and quickly took action to investigate.

On Wednesday, the teacher involved was placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation, Long Beach Unified School District spokesperson Chris Eftychiou said.

The district would not confirm the name of the teacher. The Long Beach Post couldn’t immediately reach a representative for the teachers’ union or the only Mr. Hamilton listed in Wilson’s online directory.

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