IN PICTURES: Grand Prix Kicks Off in Long Beach with Fresh Excitement, Conscious of Last Pro/Celebrity Race

Day one of the Grand Prix is a bit lower-key than the rest of the weekend’s extravaganza, as any local knows. The people flocking to the stands likely have to take a day off of work, and the rounds of racing are purely for the sake of practice or qualification. But the spectators are every bit as passionate as those who turn out on Sunday, the day of the big IndyCar race. 

“T-1000” Terminator Actor Robert Patrick to Serve as Grand Marshal for Last-Ever 2016 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

As the T-1000 in Terminator 2, stunts, speed, morphing limbs and explosions left actor Robert Patrick unphased—a level of excitement unmatched, perhaps, unless one is racing the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. A race in which Patrick has participated, of course, multiple times. Patrick is returning one last time, serving as the grand marshal for the 2016 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on April 16, officials announced today. It’s the last time Toyota will host the celebrity race at the event.