Elon Musk’s SpaceX Set to Lease 18-Acre Site on Terminal Island to Build His Big Falcon Rocket

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Rendering courtesy of SpaceX. Whether you’re in SoCal or Silicon Valley, there is a generic weariness with which the majority of humans approach the very small number of humans that have vast amounts of wealth attached to tech. Elon...

Long Beach’s Most Marginalized Neighborhoods Bear the Biggest Burden Environmentally

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Above: West Long Beach playground. Graphics by Baktaash Sorkhabi. Additional reporting by Alyssa Edwards. In 2013, the State of California’s Environmental Protection Agency first released CalEnviroScreen, a tool examining pollution burdens and social vulnerability for all of the state’s...
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What Removing a Freeway in West Long Beach Could Look Like—And Why It Must Happen

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Love looking at renderings of upcoming developments in the city? Click here for our full archive. **** Renderings courtesy of Melendrez. Graphic by Baktaash Sorkhabi. I’ve been talking a lot about park equity and the importance of safe, greener spaces...
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710 Project Releases REIR; Proposal Creates Further Ped/Bike Danger for West & North Long Beach

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Photos by Brian Addison. Above: a man bikes east on Anaheim St. above the 710. I love West and North Long Beach. For me, they are the forgotten neighborhoods, places that easily fall into the fray of pollution, inequity,...

These Are the Affordable Housing Projects Coming Online in Long Beach

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Love looking at renderings of upcoming developments in the city? Click here for our full archive. **** Renderings courtesy of the City of Long Beach. As I noted before, we have to be frank, Long Beach: the Unaffordability Beast is...
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Judge Backs City of Long Beach in Rail Yard Project Suit; Port of LA & BNSF Sent Back to Drawing Board

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Photo by Brian Addison. When our former editor Brian Addison first joined the Streetsblog team (parent of Longbeachize), one of his first pieces he wrote openly criticized a rail yard project dubbed the Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) that was...

City of Long Beach Applies for 3 CALTrans Grants to Improve West, North Areas

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The City of Long Beach has sent in their applications for CALTrans’ Active Transportation Program (ATP)—and the proposals are shaping up to be major infrastructural projects that cater to the West and North parts of Long Beach. Of the...

Century Villages at Cabrillo Moves Forward with 91-Tree Urban Forest

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The Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC) have not only long helped the homeless—our veterans, our natives, our marginalized—but often do what we are too afraid to: actually do something about homelessness—and that means providing them what they need a...