There is something to be said about Steamed, the vegetarian- and vegan-friendly joint that has spent almost a decade near the northwest corner of Third Street and Alamitos Avenue: It was the true pioneer that brought vegan food—quality, decadent, addictive vegan food—to the masses in Long Beach when it took over a former pot dispensary in 2011.

Those days are coming to an end as owners Stephanie and Bryan Carlough announced the closure via Facebook with uncertain hopes that they will find another location:

They largely built their reputation for being a space that never once used a microwave, fryer or grill. Even beyond the food, they taught restaurateurs (and diners) how to avoid waste: They print their menus on banana paper. All their silverware and plates are second-hand. Their to-go boxes have been compostable since day one.

Owner Stephanie said she might plan on serving Steamed dishes at Plunge while they create a more permanent future plan for the whole of Steamed.

Steamed was located at 801 E. Third St.

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