Pow! Wow! Long Beach has become a force of its own in the city. Over its five years of involvement throughout the streets of Long Beach, it’s achieved a monumental feat: created the region’s largest, free outdoor museum. And by the time this year’s festival, which runs through this week with a ton of events paired with artists from all over the world painting murals, it will have created 95 museum-worthy murals. All here in Long Beach.

In other words, Pow! Wow! is synonymous with art. But what about food?

Long Beach Creamery’s owner Dina Amadril, along with Pow! Wow! Long Beach’s Tokotah Ashcraft, pondered this question and gave us an answer: Golden Mallow, a play on the Creamery’s popular Crispy Mallow, a flavor dedicated to the week-long mural festival that has become an essential part of our local culture.

Amadril calls the flavor a “remix,” as the Creamery plays around with something familiar but introduces something new, much like a muralist does with an existing wall. According to Amadril, the Creamery’s vanilla ice cream is “mixed with candied, golden rice crispy bits with a golden marshmallow fluff rolled in.”

The label art for Golden Mallow. Photo by Dina Amadril.

“Pow! Wow!’s color this year is gold, and as soon as Tokotah told me that, both of our brains went to edible gold,” Amadril said. “We already have the gold to color the rice crispy so we figured making gold stars to served on top of scoops would be the coolest way to celebrate both the flavor and the label design by KD Maleki.”

Maleki’s art has graced the labels of Creamery’s well-known flavors since the ice cream shop’s inception, making her the in-house artist of the brand and the leader behind the new label for Golden Mallow.

“Not going to lie: I secretly want to promote our shop artist KD to Pow! Wow! so she gets some exposure and maybe a wall to paint for Pow! Wow! in the future,” Amadril said.

We fully support that.

Long Beach Creamery is located at 222 E. Broadway and 4141 Long Beach Blvd.

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