With ceilings sandblasted, trusses painted, skylights installed and beers brewed, Long Beach’s latest craft beer brewery, Trademark Brewing, will be celebrating its grand opening at 233 E. Anaheim St. after having soft opening days since June 29.

Owners and husband-and-wife team, Sterling and Ilana Steffen scouted the space next to the Packard Building over two years ago, seeing the former auto repair shop as a future home to an open floor brewing concept where the brewing process and the drinking process are seamlessly brought together thanks to a glass wall. Think Stumptown in DTLA, but with hops, a buzz and a mint green-like floor that fits with the brewery’s overall minimalist aesthetic. Add to this an outdoor space shared with the Packard acting as a patio—possibly the city’s largest—that will host a rotating and welcomed addition considering the shocking lack of outdoor dining.

Sterling (left) and Ilana (right) Steffan, owners of Trademark, before they signed their lease to their current space in April of 2017. Photo by Brian Addison.

“We’re incredibly excited to share Trademark with Long Beach,” Sterling said. “We ran the gauntlet bringing a late 30’s building into the future, but it was worth it.”

Sterling began the adventure of Trademark over seven years ago, purchasing brewing equipment to experiment because, well, he’s admittedly a science nerd, complete with a brewing system that he claims is unlike any other.

“Our brewery isn’t like other breweries because of our process,” Sterling said. “The disadvantage is that it’s expensive—very expensive—and very loud. The upside is that it produces beer no one else can make and it uses about a third less water and a third less energy. So we’re super efficient in that regard.”

Sterling brews in small batches only, something he insists allows him to perfect his beers while also creating things like his Single Hop Series. The hopeful result is that Long Beach has access to stellar beers. Right now, Trademark is offering nine beers on tap.

“Everything so far has been tasting great,” Sterling said. “The reception has been awesome: The hazy and tropical IPAs have been hugely popular. We also have a Helles lager that people can’t seem to get enough of.”

What Trademark Brewing looked like before the renovation. Courtesy of Sterling Steffan.

Perhaps the best part about this is the fact of where it is located. While DTLB is filled with a multitude of choices when it comes to craft beer bars and breweries, this stretch of Anaheim is in a definitive need of love and attention.

“The Grand Opening is looking awesome,” Sterling said. “We have a collection of some of our favorite pop-ups and trucks, including Arturo Alonzo Enciso from  Gusto Bread doing pizza, Bartz BBQ, and LB Tacos. We also have a sweet surprise or two planned—but we’ll keep it a surprise for now.”

Trademark Brewing is located at 233 E. Anaheim St. and the Grand Opening will occur on Saturday, July 13, from noon to midnight. Parking is located behind the building.

Brian Addison is a columnist and editor for the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected] or on social media at FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.