Editor’s note: The original version of this story did not reflect that Bungalow Kitchen will be a first-time collaboration between Bungalow Hospitality and chef Michael Mina. The story has been changed to make that distinction. 

Twice delayed, the folks behind the Bungalow Kitchen announced Thursday they would be opening the California Craftsman Cool-inspired eatery in early 2021 at 2nd & PCH in Belmont Shore. The opening of the 10,000-square-foot space on the upper floor of the retail center will be the third Southern California iteration of the restaurant. The Bungalow Hospitality Group has two restaurants, simply called The Bungalow, in Venice and Huntington Beach.

Long Beach’s Bungalow Kitchenis a first-time collaboration between Bungalow Hospitality, headed by Brent Bolthouse, and chef Michael Mina, best known for his Bay Area, Michelin star restaurant, Michael Mina. The 2nd & PCH space marries a contemporary take on the traditional Craftsman bungalow—wood plank ceilings, large fireplace, covered porch, with an eclectic collection of furnishings that, while still comfortable, tend toward an industrial feel, lending, what Bungalow peeps call “a rock-and-roll twist.”


Of course, comfortable as you may be, you’re likely to want to eat something at some point. Bungalow highlights include pristine shellfish served either ice-cold or hot charcoal-grilled, Short Rib Pop-Tart topped with crispy shallots, house-made pizzas such as the Carbonara Pizza White Pie with Crispy Guanciale, Yukon Gold potatoes, Pecorino Romano and drizzled with a poached farm egg along with Mina’s signature Lobster Pot Pie featuring a whole Maine lobster, truffle-lobster bisque and root vegetables.


Now, this is where we get real with you. This isn’t the first time Bungalow has announced its Long Beach opening. To be really real, it’s not even the second. This is the third opening announcement, previous announcements having been slated for the fall of 2019 and summer of 2020.

We’re not sure what happened in 2019 but we all know what happened this summer. Perhaps mindful of the two previous delays, no specific date has been given for an opening. Just “early.” So, you know, keep an eye out.