Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) professor and pianist Craig Richey had an interesting job to do while he was in Prague: record a movie score.

GirlOnBikeRecord“I was thrilled when I was first approached to score this film,” Richey said. “That the film is a romantic comedy set in Paris was another huge attraction for me in that it was clear early on that a Euro-classical style orchestral score would be what the film required.”

The film, Girl on a Bicycle, is from writer/director Jeremy Leven, known for writing The Notebook and The Legend of Bagger Vance scripts. The tale is one of a mishmash of multinational jokes and the somewhat eye-rolling cliché that gorgeous, fiercely intelligent women somehow fall for mediocre, underachieving men. Though the film has received less-than-stellar reviews, that doesn’t detract from Richey’s mix of guitars, musettes, cembalos, and other Euro-folk instruments in his score.

After recording in Prague, he then mixed the staggering 87 minutes in Munich. The soundtrack is now available on Lakeshore Records.

Girl on a Bicycle is now showing in limited engagements in theaters across the States. It is to be released on DVD on March 24.

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