On Episode #7 of “CAN YOU HEAR ME, LONG BEACH?” Chris Lowe of Cal State Long Beach’s Shark Lab talks about all things concerning sharks, stingrays and Spielberg. Lowe, who was brought up on Martha’s Vineyard and actually watched the filming of “Jaws”—the film that came to define sharks for many people—has devoted his professional life to not only educating but demystifying sharks and everything else that lives under the water in hopes that managing people’s fears will lead to them managing the oceans better and more humanely. His Shark Lab will be hosting its annual open house on Saturday, July 20. He talked about that, comic books, stingrays and, yes, “Do do do do do do do do!

The band Stormhouse recently released its first, full-length album. The band spoke with Nani of Rad Dog about the album, some local gigs they have coming up—including a July 26 show at Alex’s Bar—and the connection between them, Elvis and Bigfoot.

Asia Morris uses the time usually carved for “The 7” things to this weekend, to focus completely on the Pow! Wow! Long Beach mural festival which launches Sunday, runs for a week and will once again change the face of Long Beach.

0:00 Steve hates raccoons

1:30 Chris Low discusses SHARKS!

19:45 Baby shark… (Do do do do do do)

22:05 See a shark? (Do do do do do do)

30:00 Stormhouse origin story

33:15 Being in a band with your ex

38:20 When your dad is an Elvis impersonator

41:00 When your dad is a Bigfoot hunter

44:35 This weekend is Pow!Wow!

51:50 There are no raccoons in the production of this podcast