Awww yeeeeah. Courtesy Bayshore Rink Party/Facebook.

If we know one thing about Long Beach, besides the fact at some point today you will be confronted by a digital billboard and/or paper mailer advertising Shen Yun, it’s that this city loves to roller skate.

Roller derby—both flat track and banked—sunset skates, Rollerweens, there’s just so much of it. Consider that when Hollywood came to make a movie in which roller skating played a significant part—”Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey”—playing a significant part in it was Moxi founder Michelle Steilen, Margot Robbie’s stunt/skate double, as well as the banked track of Mimi Masher.

Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn’s skate double is Moxi founder Michelle Steilen

So, we’re figuring the news that Thursday, March 5, is the season opening roller disco event put on by Masher’s Bayshore Rink Party at the Bayshore Roller Rink will get you more than a little fired up.

The official roller discoing starts at 6 p.m., right around sunset, so there figures to be a rather rosy glow to things at the outdoor rink located at 14 54th Place, but, if you’re from here, you know it’s just Horny Corner. In actuality, things unofficially get started at 5 p.m. when lessons will be given and folks are allowed to practice, but we’re assuming that’s without the music and where’s the funk in that? Nowhere. No funk.

That commences at 6 p.m. with DJ Aquarobotic handling matters until 8 p.m. And, we checked, Thursday looks to be a lovely night, with temps in the low 70s/ high 60s.

It’ll cost you $8 to skate and, if you don’t have skates, there are rentals available at $8, but that’s first come, first served, so plan accordingly.

To get you in the mood, here’s a truly ridiculous clip from the movie “Xanadu,” recognized as the Citizen Kane of early ’80s roller disco films that, interestingly, feature relatively little roller discoing.

Bayshore Rink Party’s Roller Disco Night is from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. Bayshore Roller Rink is located at 14 54th Place. Admission is $8 and skate rentals at $8. All kids under 18 must have a parent signed waiver and appropriate safety gear. All kids under 12 must have a parent on site, parent signed waiver and all safety gear.