Food being served in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, a town in the west coast state in Mexico, about 80 miles east of Guadalajara. Taken August 5, 2016. Photo by Brian Addison.

Yes, we took a break—and that’s because Brian Addison and Sarah Bennett went on vacation (not together) in Mexico. After exploring different states—for Sarah, Oaxaca, and for Brian, Jalisco and Guanajuato—the pair invited the self-described “Oaxa-californian” (and Sarah’s co-traveler) Areli Morales to discuss the complexity of Mexican cuisine, which shifts state by state in Mexico, and how that has both complicated and transformed what Californians view as Mexican food.

Wanna know about all the restaurants and tortillerias that happened to mentioned in the podcast? Here is a list of everything mentioned off-hand:

Long Beach:

  • Amorcito at 4150 McGowen St. (suggested dishes: the “Tepito” taco, short rib taco, taquitos de papas, al pastor fries)
  • Baja Sonora at 2490 Clark Ave. (suggested dish: crispy carnitas tacos)
  • Cañadas Grill at 3721 E. Anaheim St. (suggested dishes: torta ahogada, carne en su jugo)
  • Cheko El Rey Del Sarandeado at 343 E. Market St. (suggested dishes: smoked marlin taco, langostino, tostaditas locas)
  • Chinitos Tacos at 11130 Del Amo Blvd. (suggested dishes: burnt cheese tacos, fire cauliflower, barbacoa)
  • El Taco Loco #3 at 1465 Magnolia Ave. (suggested dish: tripas taco)
  • Enrique’s at 6210 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. (suggested dishes: conchinita pibil, pork shank in chile verde)
  • Los Compadres at 3229 E. Anaheim St. and 1144 Pine Ave. (suggested dishes: enchiladas de la casa, pozole [Pine location only])
  • Playa Amor at 6527 E Pacific Coast Hwy. (suggested dishes: mole tot poutine, short rib birria, pork belly tacos)
  • Taqueria La Mexicana at 3270 E. Fourth St. (suggested dish: carne asada tacos)
  • Tortilleria La Fiesta at 1324 Pine Ave.

Los Angeles:

  • Burritos La Palma — El Monte at 5120 N. Peck Road in El Monte (suggested dish: birria burrito)
  • Chichen Itza at 3655 S. Grand Ave. in Los Angeles (suggested dishes: conchinita pibil, chicharrones taco)
  • Kernel of Truth Organics at 118 N. Park View St. in Los Angeles

Orange County:

  • Burritos La Palma — Santa Ana at 410 N. Bristol in Santa Ana (suggested dish: birria burrito)


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