The Tour de Margarita: 5 Places to Get Boozy Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

You can get this “historic” beverage at virtually any Mexican restaurant in the city. If tradition is your thing, you’d be hard pressed to find a better straight up, old fashioned margarita than the one at Fuego inside the Maya Hotel. However, these five spots veer from the path of margaritas past, presenting interesting takes on the classic. While they are a departure from your abuelo’s margarita, these are five cocktails you should give a whirl this Cinco de Mayo.

5 Ways to Get Out on the Water

A a sure-fire cure for the summertime blues is to get out on the ocean. Luckily for us, Long Beach is a veritable water wonderland. Take advantage of what our urban oasis by the sea has to offer. Here are 5 ways to get out on the water. so kick those summertime blues to the curb and let the cool pacific breeze coax a smile to your face.

5 Places in Long Beach to Nerd Out

Long Beach is the place for closeted nerds to step out and check out the niche places made for endless hours of perusing through the pristine sheets of glossy vintage comics, shooting zombies behind a simulator and bonding with fellow members of the local nerd herd.

5 Places to Get Frozen Concoctions and Beat the Summer Heat

August is Long Beach’s hottest month and a frozen treat can be the sweet antidote to make high temperatures almost bearable. Like steaming hot chocolate in the cold of winter, the contrast of a chilly concoction in the heat of the summer sun is good for the soul. It was recently revealed that Long Beachers consume the largest quantity of ice cream in the nation, so it is fitting that Long Beach offers a variety of places to get these and other sweet frozen creations.

5 Places To Eat Falafel in Long Beach

Falafels are dense balls or patties made from ground chickpeas or fava beans and a mix of spices that are then deep-fried to create a moist flavorful center and crunch on the outside. Whether they are served in a pita filled with cucumbers, tomatoes and drizzled with tahini sauce or individually as a side, Long Beach has some great joints serving up these addictive fritters.

5 Beach Nooks in Long Beach For Summer

With an utter lack of waves and a reputation of trash-filled beaches, Long Beach gets its fair share of criticism from haughty Californians hailing from other beach locales. We’re here to smash that surf-centric hostility by sharing some great beach spots in Long Beach that will make you reconsider that drive to Huntington next weekend.

5 Long Beach Coffeeshops You Gotta Visit

There are two culinary arts rising in Long Beach—craft beer and specialty coffee—and each of them share a similar situation: they are widely overshadowed by wine as well as widely ignored by restaurants and chefs as something that should be cared for like any great plate of food or glass of vino. That misguided though, however, is slowly beginning to change and we want to offer you five houses of caffeination you gotta check out.