Long Beach Acting Coach Lands Role in Upcoming Thriller

Cameraman, director, actor and acting coach Charles Tentindo has landed a role as a British journalist in the upcoming thriller/drama “American Satan.” The film opens October 13 and is about a young rock band and the surrounding rumors of a demonic presence within the group.

Long Beach Filmmaker Opens Home to Lazy, Cinephilic Strangers for Short Film Festival

In the era of Airbnb, couch-surfing and other invasive (but fun) forms of people-connecting have proliferated. The oddity that being more connected than ever has also led to less face-to-face interaction has prompted many people to feel more comfortable opening their door to strangers. Long Beach resident Kathy Payton is one of those people who believes in the philosophy of open doors—particularly if it means an open door for a short film festival.

Short Film Explores the Zombie/Robot Relationship

Film makers Mélodie Simond and Art Hall created A Friend at the End for the Guts N’ Bolts Short Film Festival, taking place on Friday, September 20th, at the Renaissance High School for the Arts in Downtwon Long Beach. In this brief interview, they speak about their creative process.

Cambodia’s Lost Psych Rock Scene Finds Rebirth in Contemporary Acts

Dengue Fever, Bochan Huy and Indradevi are just three of the unique contempotary artists spearheading a new Cambodian-inspired music scene, one that is bringing back the legacy of ’60s Khmer rock in a myriad of different ways. All will be featured in a “Music Corner” at Cambodia Town Film Festival, taking place September 14-15 at the Art Theatre.