Long Beach Opera’s Expert Cast, Historic Venue Round Out Duke Ellington’s Unfinished ‘Queenie Pie’

Calling Queenie Pie an opera is a bit of a stretch, even though a considerable amount of the show is sung. Calling it a musical in a conventional sense, however, is also a bit of a stretch, as the show’s narrative is more suggestive and impressionistic than it is straightforward. It is also not a jazz concert, although at many times throughout the evening, if you were to close your eyes and listen to the swinging orchestra or the impeccable cast, you would be forgiven for assuming as much.

Jazz Lab At The Library on Broadway

This coming Monday, June 24, a group of top-notch professional musicians will gather at The Library on Broadway to host the first Long Beach Jazz Lab + Experiment, a free jam session that’s open to everyone. One of the instigators, Jonathan Rowden, talks about the series, which takes place every other Monday.