FAR-SITED: CSULB Looks Back 50 Years to a Groundbreaking Intersection of Art and Technology

Far-Sited: California International Sculpture Symposium 1965/2015 is in its last month at the UAM, an archival exhibition that celebrates both the 50th anniversary of the California International Sculpture Symposium and explores the behind-the-scenes process of how nine monumental modernist works were created during one historic summer.

Panel to Discuss the Horror and Humor of the Grotesque at CSULB

What is the grotesque? And why, sometimes, does it evoke opposite sides of the spectrum, both laughter and disgust? These are the questions being asked on a panel tonight at Long Beach State entitled Confronting the Exquisite Corpse: the Grotesque in Contemporary Culture. The panel runs in conjunction with the now on display exhibit of the work of horror effects guru Gabe Bartolos, whose work can easily be described at grotesquely beautiful given the painstaking detail he puts into creating monsters.

Horror Effects Guru Gabe Bartalos Hosts Exhibit, In-Person Conversation with ‘Cremaster Cycle’ Artist Matthew Barney

Cult horror special effects master Gabe Bartalos shares his most grotesque creations at his exhibit at the University Art Museum, including pieces from his famous partnership with legendary artist Matthew Barney. After the exhibit’s opening reception Saturday, Bartalos will have a rare in-person conversation with Barney at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center.