The City Council voted Tuesday night to move forward with a $3.3 million project to improve pedestrian infrastructure along a stretch of Long Beach Boulevard near the Wrigley area.

The project, which was temporarily delayed by the pandemic, will make a stretch of Long Beach Boulevard more pedestrian friendly between 27th Street and the 405 Freeway.

A staff report from Public Works Director Eric Lopez says improvements will include lighting, median and parkway landscaping and hardscape, pavement enhancements, signage, and striped crosswalk treatments

Lopez added that the project’s pedestrian accessibility improvements could also result in less vehicle usage and a reduction of air pollution.

The project will be funded mostly by a federal grant and include money from other local and regional sources, according to a memo from Lopez.

The council awarded a $2.4 million contract to C.S. Legacy Construction, Inc., an Ontario company, to handle the bulk of the work.

Lopez wrote that the contractor has not yet completed hiring workers, so it’s not entirely clear when the project will begin, but the estimated completion date is spring 2022, according to Jennifer Carey, spokesperson for the public works department.