Masks are back, vaccination rates are slowing and the delta variant of COVID-19 has taken hold in California. Cases are increasing once again, and although hospitalizations and deaths from the virus aren’t reaching peak levels, we know the fast pace of coronavirus developments can be anxiety-inducing. To help counter that, we’ve gathered everything you might need to stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 news.

First, bookmark the link to all of the Post’s COVID-19 coverage. We have more than 1,000 articles since last year covering nearly every aspect of the pandemic in Long Beach, and we’re adding more almost every day.

Next, bookmark the link to the city’s data dashboard. There, you can see how many cases, hospitalizations and deaths are happening each day—while keeping perspective on where we are compared to earlier points in the pandemic. Also, bookmark the health department’s own page.

A snapshot of Long Beach’s COVID-19 data dashboard on July 21, 2021.


COVID-19 tests are pretty easy to get now—you can even find them at your local pharmacy. The city recommends residents get tested with their primary care doctor, but you can still get free testing at the city’s testing sites by appointment only. Walk-up testing is available at the Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus. If you can’t leave your home, mobile testing is still available from the city.


Health officials and medical experts overwhelmingly agree that our biggest and best defense against COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. If you still haven’t, here’s how to get the jab in Long Beach—and you can get a free scoop of ice cream while you’re at it.

Here’s how to get vaccinated in Long Beach (plus get a free scoop of ice cream)


Long Beach and Los Angeles County are now mandating that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wears a mask indoors. Everything we know, including how this might be enforced, is here:

What are Long Beach’s new masking rules? And when might they end?


For resources in Long Beach, we compiled a list of how to get help with food, jobs, mental health and other services here:

Where to get food resources and other help in Long Beach

For LA County resources, our friends at KPCC/LAist have a list they regularly update here.

FAQs on vaccines:

Lastly, if you’re worried about some of the myths floating around about the vaccine and COVID-19, there are tons of credible resources available that we can point you to.

  • The Los Angeles Times talked to experts and wrote about how to have tough conversations with friends and family who won’t get the vaccine.
  • NPR covered everything you need to know about breakthrough COVID-19 cases, noting that catching the virus is rare and mild among vaccinated people.
  • CNN also debunked some common myths about the vaccine on their Instagram:

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