Chloe, the little terrier mix who presented the worst case of abuse that many in the animal community have witnessed, has left the building and is doing a lot better than Elvis. Chloe has had successful leg surgery and now has plates in the leg that was snapped in two. Because of her small size, the plates had to be specially ordered. She’s up and moving, if not running or walking. At around 11 a.m., she left her hero team at Long Beach Animal Emergency for a loving foster home and a recovery that’s likely to extend over a few months.

Veterinarians said that she’s been alert and eating everything put in front of her, particularly chicken. She’s still in pain from her surgery, but that’s to be expected. She will have an experienced medical foster with an open schedule and who will be able to take Chloe to any necessary physical therapy.

Chloe’s recovery sounds miraculous, but the aforementioned veterinary science and care at the emergency hospital, thousands of dollars and well wishes from the public, passion and determination to save Chloe’s life by Fix Long Beach, and of course the individual who found her in the first place had everything to do with it. Donations for her care and the reward offered for the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for the abuse have come in from as far away as Australia. The reward total reached over $16,000 as of Dec. 18.

“We are in awe of all the support for Chloe from around the world,” said Diana Kliche, the Fix Long Beach board member who has been the dog’s spokesperson. “Also, it’s really disturbing that we have had several people contact us about dogs they rescued in similar situations to Chloe’s. There’s currently a dog at [the Carson shelter] that looks almost exactly like her, and we have no idea what happened to that dog, either.”

Kliche said that adoption applications for Chloe will be accepted when she’s completely healed. Meanwhile, she said, it would help spread the good that has been done by Chloe if the many people who have contacted Fix Long Beach to either adopt or foster her would contact a shelter or a rescue near them, make a donation, and either adopt from or foster for these organizations.

Chloe herself seemed puzzled by all the affection, attention and care she’s getting, or maybe it was just wooziness from the meds or the pain. But she left the hospital in a warm blanket and an even warmer embrace from her new foster. One thing’s for sure: as Chloe recovers, she’ll become happier and more secure, and will likely have lots of chicken!

The Long Beach Police Department’s Media Relations Detail said that Chloe’s case is being investigated as a felony and has been assigned to LBPD Violent Crimes Detail. The LPBD will partner with Long Beach Animal Care Services to try to bring Chloe’s abuser to justice.

Babcock said that such animal cruelty is rare, but Animal Control Service Manager Ted Stevens was stunned by the initial reports of Chloe’s condition. He continues to be troubled by what happened to the little dog.

“This case really disturbs me,” he said, shaking his head.

The handling police detective does have leads in the investigation, which is ongoing, but details such as DNA and fingerprint evidence cannot be released to the public for the sake of the investigation’s integrity.

Posters on social media have asked whether they may put up flyers in the neighborhood. While the police department cannot prevent flyer dissemination or posting, they suggest that the following is added:

Anyone who may have information regarding this crime should contact the Long Beach Police Department Violent Crimes Detail at 562-570-7250. Anonymous tips may be submitted through LA Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), downloading the “P3 Tips” app to your smart phone (available at the Apple App store and Google Play), or visiting

Visit Facebook’s “Saving Chloe” page to donate and for updates on the progress of both Chloe and the investigation.