A procession for Capt. David Rosa enters the 710 Freeway.  Photo by Thomas R Cordova.

Firefighters and law enforcement officials across the region expressed condolences Monday after a gunman opened fire in a senior apartment complex in Downtown Long Beach, killing a 17-year veteran of the Long Beach Fire Department.

Capt. Dave Rosa, 45, was killed. Two others were also injured, including a second Long Beach firefighter.

A procession carrying Rosa’s body left St. Mary’s Medical Center around 12:30 p.m. Firefighters and police lined the street at attention as an engine from Rosa’s station, a coroner’s vehicle and a van carrying his family and police cars rolled by.

Brent Pickelsimer, a medic for the U.S. Forest Service saluted from the corner across from the hospital’s emergency room.

Pickelsimer, who lives in East Long Beach, said he felt the need to pay his respects to a fellow first-responder.

“All of us who volunteer for the public, we’re one big family,” he said.

Rosa’s body was taken to the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center where an honor guard will stand watch over him, Heflin said.

The fire department’s attention will now turn to Rosa’s family to help with funeral plans and prove any comfort they can, according to Heflin.

Firefighters lined up at overpasses across the city to pay their respects as the car carrying Rosa’s body drove to Los Angeles.

Councilman Dee Andrews’ office also announced that a candlelight vigil honoring Rosa will be held at 8 p.m. Monday at the station where Rosa worked, Fire Station 10 at 1417 N. Peterson Ave., near Cambodia Town.

“This tragic and senseless loss is a blow to our whole city,” Andrews said in a press release. “My thoughts are with Captain Rosa’s family and with all the first responders who work hard to protect us every day.”