All on-campus students at Cal State Long Beach were placed under quarantine after five tested positive for COVID-19, the university president said in a statement Saturday.

“Late yesterday, we became aware of a number of students who have not heeded our guidance related to COVID-19 precautions and congregated socially off campus earlier this month,” CUSLB president Jane Close Conoley said in a statement. “Five of these students have now tested positive for the illness. Four students live on campus in the residence halls, and one lives off campus.”

The school is working in conjunction with the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services to test all of these students soon, Conoley stated. The school newspaper, The Daily 49er, reported that the school would test about 328 students.

In-person instruction is being put on pause for two weeks as the school reviews the number of employees on campus and conducts contact tracing. The school is also cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

“As you know, we took a conservative approach to the fall semester by vastly reducing the number of students in our residence halls and the number of classes offered on campus,” Conoley said in the statement. “Unfortunately, even with our proactive efforts we need to adapt and respond to this new challenge.”